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For Supply Managers


FILL THE BINS   FOR WEDNESDAY LESSONS;  Fill the bins the Friday afternoon the week before the lesson. FOR FRIDAY LESSONS: Fill the bins the WEDNESDAY day before the lesson. This is very important!  Filling the bins a few days before the lessons allows us time to purchase supplies that may be missing. Don't forget the grade supply placards in the bin as well.

SUPPLY LISTS  In the pink ART APPRECIATION binder located in 1-C. 

MAKE TEMPLATES (If necessary)  Use the workroom copier with Jennifer Cushing's permission.  Kim’s copier code is 3664. 

DO PRE-PREP  Per instructions on the supply lists in the pink binder. Call JoAnne with questions. Her contact info is in the pink Art Binder.

LOCK THE CUPBOARDS  Tightly please. 

MISSING SUPPLIES OR ARE GOING TO USE UP THE LAST OF AN ITEM?  Call JoAnne IMMEDIATELY.  That way we will have time to get new supplies before the lesson. JoAnne's number is in the pink Art Binder.



   1.       Sign in at the office and get a volunteer’s badge. 

2.     Check out the art cabinet key from Jennifer Cushing in the office. 

3.     In the MUR, on the left side cabinet (#1) in cubby 1-C, there is a PINK binder entitled ART APPRECIATION. 

4.     The binder has the Alphabetical Inventory matrix as well as the Supplies by Lesson matrix.
5.     Go to your grade’s page in the Supplies by Lesson matrix and look at what is needed for that month’s lesson.
6.     In order to find the location of the supplies, look on the Inventory matrix.  On the right side column of the matrix is the location of the supplies. 
a.     Locations starting with “1” are in the first cupboard.  Locations starting with “2” are in the second cupboard. 
b.     The letter after the cupboard number indicates which cubby inside the cupboard the supply is located in.  
For example, if you are looking for brown crayons, on the Inventory matrix, look under “Crayons”.  Slide your finger across to the far right side and you will find the crayons in 2-N (cupboard 2, cubby N.)
c.    All of the cubbies are clearly labeled.  As are the contents of the cubbies.  The far left and right cubbies are labeled on the doors next to the cubby.  The contents of the center cubbies are labeled on the bottom edge of the shelf/cubby.
7.      Once you collect all of the supplies, put them in an empty clear plastic bin underneath the counter next to the art supply cupboards. 
8.     Place the class’s Supplies By Grade placard inside the clear envelope on the end of the supply bin to label the grade’s art supplies.  The class placards are colorful and are located inside the right door of cupboard 1 in a clear envelope. (next to the student name labels)
10.   Should you be unable to find supplies in the cupboard, look first in the clear supply   bins under the counter.  If the supply is already in another class’s bin, please put a note inside your bin telling us where we can find the supply.
a.     If the supply isn’t in the bins, then look inside the cupboard in case someone put the supply in the wrong place. 
b.     If you still can’t find it, call JoAnne or (Purchasing Manager).  Contact information is in the pink Art Appreciation binder.
c.      Also, if you don’t have enough of a supply, it is imperative  that you contact JoAnne immediately so they can get the supply before the lesson later that week.

11.   Return the cabinet key to the office and sign out.