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 PREPARE ART AND HANG IT  For Tuesday lessons, hang on the Friday of lesson week.  For Friday lessons, hang on the following Monday or Tuesday.  It is okay to curate during class. Just be respectful of classes being taught in the MUR. Shhh!

TO OPEN THE CUPBOARDS  Sign the key out from Jennifer Cushing in the office.

WHERE”S THE ART?  On or near the dry rack at the back of the classroom next to the door.  Will be found together with the Art description label and the inspiration piece and description. 

MOUNT THE ART  On construction paper.  Construction paper is found inside the big white cupboards at the top left of the classroom.  Choose whichever color(s) you like best.  Use glue sticks (found in 1-H).  There are also mounting squares and tape if you need it in 1-C.  Tape will not stick on the walls in the hallway. Any artwork that needs to be placed on the walls must be adhered to with the mounting squares.

LABEL THE ART  Use the classroom labels that will be found with the art. IMPORTANT! Do not put the labels directly on the art piece.  Label the construction paper.  For un-mountable (3D type art) use an index card for the label (index cards are in a shoebox in 1-B).  Tape the index card onto the art or pin next to it on the wall. 

REMOVE LAST MONTH’S ART  Place in the classroom’s ART SHOW bins located under the counter next to the door. 

POST THE ART  In the hallway next to the classrooms.  8th, 5th & 3rd are posted to the LEFT of the doors.  7th, 6th, 4th and 2nd are posted to the RIGHT.  Kindergarten is posted on the left wall off of the main hallway in the connecting hallway.  1st grade is to the right of the Teacher’s Lounge. 

Use push pins for most pieces.  If there is too much art for the cork strips, use the 2-way sticky mounting squares to post the art on the wall.