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Art Appreciation Policy

Art Appreciation is taught twice a month for grades K-7. Art Appreciation is a grade-appropriate art history class that culminates with an art project. This class is graded on the effort of the student to meet requirements. creativity is encouraged and fostered. Since each student works at a different pace, any classwork not completed becomes homework, and will be due by the beginning of the next class (every 2 weeks). 

Drawing is offered to 8th grade and has a detailed overview, see Drawing Class Policy.

To turn in homework, there are files for each grade by the MUR door. If any students complete homework and would like to turn it in before the next class session, please put it on the corresponding grade file.

Absent students should check with Mrs. Bennett regarding making up the project when they return or at office hours after school on Fridays from 3- 345 pm in the MUR room.