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8th Grade

3/24/17-Car Drawing/Grid Method   15 points         DUE 4/7/17

Complete the cartoon of all of the shapes of the car. "All shapes" mean the outline of the car, the parts of the car (steering wheel, tires etc.) the details of the car AND all of the highlights and lowlights.  

Make sure your drawing is accurate! Continually go back and check your work. Make sure that the angles of shapes entering and exiting each square on the grid are accurate.  

HINT:  Create an angle chart on the back of your work to check your self.
HINT:  Notice where a line is entering within the square. For example, is it entering 1/3 of the way from the top at the left side, arcing down with the apex of the arc appearing 1/2 of the way down into the square and 1/2 of the way across the square before turning and exiting 1/4 of the way from the top of the right side?
HINT: Use a sharp pencil. You will have to continually sharpen it.
HINT: Draw LIGHTLY. Pressing hard etches into the paper and makes erasing difficult.

3/17/2017--SPHERE & VALUE CHART                              DUE 03/24/2017

SPHERE w/ Value Shading (Chiarascuro):  10 points
1.    Using the technique learned in class, draw a sphere. 
2.    Shade the sphere making sure to include 10 values. Must have smooth transitions between the values by using your stump. NO STRIPES. Make sure to shade in an arc. NOT STRAIGHT
3.    Must have a highlight, shadow, light & reflective light. (no need to have cast shadow).
4.     Clean edges
5.    Name, date & title

VALUE CHART:  10 points
1.     Create a value chart that is 1 inch wide. I doesn't matter how long it is.
2.    Chart must have 10 values. Label them.
3.    Smooth transitions between the values
4.    Name, date & title

12/21/16--DRAWING                     DUE 1/6/17
Spend 30-45 minutes working on your car drawing. Do the cartoon first.  
  • DO NOT start the shading!! The cartoon is simply the outline of all of the shapes of the car. Those shapes include the highlights and shadows. You are merely outlining. 
  • Use a light hand and a 6B or HB pencil. DO NOT push hard and etch into the paper.  
  • Continually check yourself against the original. 
  • DO use your isolator. 
  • PAY ATTENTION to the angles of shapes and where the enter and exit the square.

12/16/16--Art Appreciation: Klimt Project                              DUE 12/19/16
In addition to finishing your Klimt project (please turn in your borrowed supplies), you are to also write an Artist's Statement using the following prompt:

Movie Star Portrait-
Spend about 45 minutes at home (you might need to spend more time if you are behind). Portraits will be finished in class and turned in at the end of class on 11/18.

11/4-Finish your shading and use the knowledge we gained in class to begin drawing the hair.  For reference, you may go to the videos we saw in class. Here are the videos:
How to Draw Realistic Hair                                                    

YouTube Video

How to Draw Hair

YouTube Video

Draw a replica of the movie star photo you were given on the grid paper you were given.

1.    Make sure each row and column of the original photo and your paper are numbered. 1/1 is the top left hand corner of the grid.

2.    Recall the lecture and demonstration from class.  Copy what is in each square of the grid onto your paper as exactly as you can.

3.  Use your stump to help shade your drawing.  Use your knowledge of geometric form to recall where light hits and how to make the objects appear round.  Copy the values from the original


HINT:  Use your knowledge of angles to match the angles in the original. Draw a "cheat sheet" of various angles to help you out if necessary.

HINT:  In order to help you focus on just one square at a time, you can make an isolation frame  to block all of the photo but one square.  Use the straight edge of 4 strips of junk paper and tape.

HINT:  Use your observation skills to match where objects enter and exit each square on the grid (ie, 1/2 down on the left side to 1/3 down on the right.) How far do arcs extend?

HINT:  Values refer to the lightness or darkness of an object.  1 is the white of the page and 10 is the darkest dark