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Drawing Class Policy

Drawing class is taught weekly to the 8th grade. 
Homework Due Date
Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the school day on the date due. It is the student's responsibility to turn this work in. It is NOT the homeroom teacher's responsibility to ask for it. As I am not at school every day, the student should not wait for me to collect it either. Students must turn in the work upon entering the classroom for the day, if they haven't left it in the 8th grade file by the MUR room door. Any work turned in after the start of the day's classes will be considered late.

Extra Credit
Mrs. Bennett offers extra credit for students who are interested in keeping a sketchbook. Turn it in at the end of each trimester for extra points!
Late Homework
Late homework will NOT be accepted unless the student was absent the day of the assignment AND the student contacted me upon their return to school. Unexcused, late homework will be given a zero grade for that assignment.

It is the responsibility of the absent student to email me or contact me immediately upon their return to school so that I may make arrangements to meet with them either at lunch or after school to tutor them in the lesson missed. Under no circumstances should students wait until the assignment is due to contact me. Students who so choose will receive a zero grade on the assignment.

Low Grades
Students who receive less than a "C" grade on an assignment must contact me within one day of receiving their grade to make arrangements for a tutorial from me. The student will then have the opportunity to re-do the assignment for full points. Failure to contact me timely will eliminate the opportunity for a re-do.

Properly Identified Assignments
Assignments with no name will NOT be graded and will receive a zero grade.

Drawing Supplies
Each students should purchase a clear, gridded ruler 12 in. I provide the supplies necessary for each project but recommend students have proper tools at home. Another clear, gridded ruler, drawing pencils, super fine tip and fine tip black sharpies, and assorted erasers. Kneaded erasers and vinyl are tools that will make life EASIER!

Extra Help
Students have 1 week to complete the homework and should generally take 30-60 minutes to complete, unless they are very detailed and the student wants to go above and beyond creatively. Students should be sure to meet requirements first, and then use creativity as their drawing skills improve. All students can reach me at jbennett@st-mary.net  in case they need help with an assignment. Students should not wait until 8:30pm the evening before the assignment is due to contact me, 24 hours before it is due please. I want the student to understand the concepts taught and I am happy to give extra help when requested or after school on FRIDAYS!