It really, truly does. In this digital technology age, our economy is becoming increasingly built on visual technology.  "Innovate!" is the mantra of businesses, from Silicon Valley, to Washington, DC.  Innovation can only happen if creativity has been nurtured.  Did you know that we are all born creative? The sad truth is that creativity is and has been (since the Victorian age), been taught out of us at school.  The US education model has traditionally been designed to pass tests, not to produce creativity.  

I believe that children should be empowered to use their imaginations and have their creativity nurtured-not only for their well-being, but for the future of our economy.  Companies need to have fresh new ideas and creative thinking in order to stay competitive. We need creative people in business and that creativity starts here, at St. Mary School.

We are so very blessed that our school understands the importance of arts education as evidenced by their continued support of the St. Mary Art Appreciation Program (now in its 14th year!).  Artistic literacy equates to life long learning. The St. Mary Art Appreciation Program helps students not only be exposed to the wonderful world of art, but helps them to apply factual knowledge, concepts, skills, higher-order thinking and habits of mind.  

Our program is successful in large part because of the wonderful support and volunteerism of our parents. Please consider volunteering in the classroom. Go to SignUp.com to sign up today!